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TREATMENT STEPS OF DERMIA SOLUTION The treatment first begins with a cleansing stage consisting of 3 steps. Firstly, using a cleansing gel that removes makeup and cleanses the skin without drying the skin. The gel has a refreshing green apple scent and is paraben-free and mineral oil free. Hence it is suitable for all skin types. Secondly a 10% light biological peeling that comprises 3 main active ingredients (namely Lactic, Glycolic and Citrus acids) are left on the skin for a maximum time of 15 minutes. It is self-neutralizing with a mild tingling sensation which indicates that the excess dead skin cells are being exfoliated chemically on the surface of the skin.

Finally the Poly Abrasion is adopted on the skin. This is a mechanical and rotational plastic abrasion that automatically adjusts to the skin’s pressure. This hand piece helps to remove the dead skin cells with its special control technology. Poly Abrasion has a spring inside the tip to prevent excessive pressure on skin. However, the suction-less tip does not cause any purpura is therefore very gentle on the skin. In fact, most customers find the sensation relaxing yet effective.

The second stage of the treatment involves 2 micro-needling using Micro Activation M and S (for localized areas). M has a head with perfectly aligned 20 0.2mm plastic and disposable micro-needles. S has a head with 6 0.2mm plastic and disposable micro-needles

There is a slight biting sensation but is very safe and does not hurt the skin or cause any bleeding. No numbing cream is needed. Using the M needle head is equivalent to creating 800,000 micro-activations on the skin in 10 minutes’ time. It works out the skin to rejuvenate the epidermis and the dermis. The S-Micro Activation treats areas of ice pick scars and blemishes. It even lightens the wrinkles and can be treated as an anti-aging procedure as well!

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