Womens medium haircuts for fine hair


Don’t overdo the styling products or the amount of product you use. Womens medium haircuts for fine hair You won’t get a better result by squirting a huge amount of mousse onto your hair; most v professionals recommend a golf ball-size blob of mousse. Otherwise hair can end up looking sticky and flat.

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Surround yourself with love and positivity instead. Avoiding insults. I try to catch myself any time I’m about to insult myself, whether it is out loud in front of other people or just in my own thoughts. You wouldn not talk to your daughter or your friends that way, so stop doing it to yourself. Washing and moisturising mindfully. Okay, this one may sound a bit weird, but when I’m in the shower I try to slow down and focus on what I’m doing. I try to consciously appreciate my body and what it does for me and show it respect and admiration. After a shower I give myself time to use a moisturiser or oil to massage my entire body (all of it, even the lumpy, bumpy bits we tend to neglect!) with a smile on my face, respect in my mind and love in my heart. This helps me to recognise the good things about my body, appreciating my limbs, my muscles and the fact that I have an able body that is functioning. You will have your own self-love habits.

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