Womens of Los Angeles About Their Diet Secrets

LA mentality about dieting.. umm. People here are nuts. Well I’m vegan slash bone broth only sort of girl, but it’s trendy to do kale and that sort of thing. Kale. I do bee pollen. Um, in terms of diet, I’m a vegetarian and not because I moved to LA. But I can honestly say that I’m a horrible vegetarian. I hate lettuce and salads. I don’t really follow any trendy diets. Everyone here is constantly juicing, low carbing. I’m a vegetarian. I try to eat mostly raw. I did a water diet, but I was eating, okay, you need to eat, but you need to drink like two gallons of water a day. Cava, qualia, tons of mushrooms, adaptogens for the kidneys.

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My diet tip is eat more fat and less carbs. I try not to eat so much sugar, but I’m a massive sugar junkie, so that’s sort of a lie. Just don’t eat. Lots of coffee. I’m European mentality in that sense and I just eat less of everything I want. Eat whatever you want. Yeah and before every meal, just drink a cup of water. I think there’s different fads and you know, whether it’s less sugar and less carbs, I do try to read that, but I pretty much eat what I want.

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