When skin begins to look dull and lifeless vitamin A can provide assistance. Found in retinol, tretinoin, tazarotene and palimate (new developments are on the way) it increases skin elasticity and dermal thickening and reverses photo-ageing.


Shortly after he came onboard, he gave us a mighty lecture in the ship’s office for about an hour. He was very pleased with having us onboard; things probably couldn’t be better for him. Ben would take his watch, the four-to-eight, which meant he could nominally supervise while getting on with other things. He now had three apes who weren’t first-trippers. One would go on each watch in port to do all the ullages and tank changes and there would be three available to take the temperatures at sea, leaving the Chinese crew to be more gainfully employed. We would also take a watch on the bridge when approaching and leaving port, reverting to day-work when we were back at sea, where we would labour on deck. Saturday would be a study day if there were no important jobs to be done. Sundays mornings at sea was inspection time, which meant that we had to spend half the morning scrubbing out our cabins. Sunday afternoon was free, unless Saturday had been a work day due to overload, in which case we would study on Sunday. He didn’t mind if we swapped watches in port so that the others could go ashore, although he didn’t expect to see anyone working more that 24 hours in one stretch unless things became really busy.

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