Work to Night Braided Updo from Gossip Girl

Hey girls Abbey here This our second hairstyle inspired by Lily van der woodsen on Gossip Girl and this one is another one of those ones that stood out to me when I went back and I looked through all of her stuff it some kind of great in it. So of course I love it I think it’s really simple I did change up a little bit from the original style to make it a little easier and I think because I did This a very accessible hairstyle for a lot of hair types in a lot of hair links. So I hope you guys really enjoy it.

Work to Night Braided Updo from Gossip Girl Photo Gallery

I’ll see you my next post Wow bye okay you’re gonna start off by splitting your hair and half horizontally from the ears up and once you get a split in half you’re gonna go ahead and take that bottom section and pin it up and out of the way because we’re gonna work on that top section first to let it down and then grab a section from the middle top and one on either sides are gonna be our three sections for braiding and when you do this you can either choose to keep a part in your hair or side your hair straight back depending on how you like your hair parted then French braid all the way down that section make sure that you keep that braid nice and in a straight line all the way down if you don’t know how to French braid.

I have a tutorial on that and I’ll make sure to link that in the downbar once you do that seal it off with a band and then you can grab a piece of hair from right next to the band loop it around two fingers pull it over the band and then pin it in place and then you’re gonna repeat that on the same side that helps to hide the band and a kind of creative ish way. So you don’t end up seeing it and for this part basically what you’re gonna do from here on is make lots of little tiny loops and you can change these around to make whatever shape you want for a more kind of bohemian natural look you can do really loose waves or curls I’ll sorry for a tighter more precise kind of a little bit more preppy look you can go with tighter ones and honestly for the original style they were a lot tighter than the ones I’ll doing. So you can even do them around one finger if you wanted to. So that’s essentially what you do for the rest of the style you twist and make little loops and pin them as you see fit super we’re super easy and I love it This really great for kind of a good day tonight look I think if you’re gonna do like the office and then you have to go out somewhere else I think This perfection anyway hope you guys like it.

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