Wrinkle wrinkle makeup

Wrinkle wrinkle makeup


1 We use a medium flat brush with lighting and color. Thus, the straight edge of the brush extends to one of the natural wrinkles and almost touches. Draw the brush in the direction of the wrinkles, colors are created by plumping each end. Make sure the paint touches the natural wrinkle every time, but never past it. Do not try to style wrinkles with raised forehead, since the paint starts to become dirty in the wrinkles, it is best not to result in scattered edges.

2 Repeat, keeping the brush in the same position and starting closely, but not at the end of the high light you have just applied, in the direction of the length of a wrinkle, move it almost to the finish.

3 Using a clean brush, soften the lower corner of the light until it is completely mixed with the foundation. This can be done by drawing the flatness of the brush and bringing up the corner. Continue until you get a good mix. If you are mixing downwards, the high light will tend to be very wide. But for high wrinkles the high lights are usually wider than the shadows (due to the light source). But just as the light source moves forward, the light field naturally rises and the darkness diminishes. When making up, observe the high lights and the boundaries of the shadows. Make sure that the ends of your wrinkles are thick and blind, rather than fine and delicate.

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4 We must color a creased wrinkle. But we must light all the corners of the arch and front bone soft in the whole alm district.

5 Using a very narrow brush, immediately paint a line of the shadow toward the hard corner of the adjacent high light.

Step 6 Follow the defined technique to blend the high light with the dome, pulling the shadow upwards, keeping it away from the wrinkles, keeping it narrower at high light.

7 Using a clean brush, mix the foundation color of the upper corner of the shade using the technique described to soften the corner of the high light triangle.

8 Check the wrinkles for roundness and depth. Also check for protrusion and make the necessary corrections in the spot light if possible. Powdering may not be necessary in any part if you are powdering then using mold makeup.

9 For example, if you want a faded and bloodless look, a powder touch can be added to the shadows and expand into the high lights. A small soft brush can be used in practice. If you prefer to use moist blush, the makeup can be applied with a narrow brush before powdering.

A) Lighting

B) Shading the forehead wrinkles with a pencil

10 If the wrinkles are very strong and clear, paint them with base color or other color, or as you would expect, as explained in all the examples. Using more than one color will tend to give a more natural effect. Carefully paint by watching the effects. So you do not have to erase all the things you do. If your paint has very little shading of the shadows, you can add more blush. If you are using a red paint, you will not need an extra coat.

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