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X Factor stars 4th Impact open up about their mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and meeting their hero Liam Payne…

Since blasting out Bang Bang at their first audition, X Factor favourites 4th Impact have had – nearly – all of their dreams come true. Not only have they performed live in front of millions under the guidance of mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, but they’ve met their hero, One Direction star Liam Payne, too. However, their ultimate dream is to perform alongside 1D onstage. Oh, and win The X Factor, of course! When we catch up with the girls, Filipino sisters Almira, 27, Irene, 25, Mylene, 23, and Celina, 19, they are in good spirits and it’s clear they’re working hard to succeed on the ITV talent show. It was recently revealed they’re hoping to win to help pay for a life-changing operation for their father, who’s suffering from a brain tumour.

We chat to the girls about missing their family back home and their friendship with Cheryl… Hi girls! Who’s your biggest competition on the show? Almira: We think everyone is great. Ché, Louisa and Lauren, especially. Do you girls ever argue? Irene: Arguments are natural for sisters. But when we argue, after ten seconds we’re fine again! Who’s the biggest diva? I: We’re all divas on stage! Is it true your mum is worried about you living with guys? A: When we went into the house she joked that we needed to be focused – no boys! She knows what our priority is though, and we’re all like brothers and sisters in the house so she’s not worried.

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Do you think any of the boys in the house are cute? A: All of them look good! But we aren’t focusing on that. Irene, you’re the only sister who has a boyfriend. Is he supportive? Very supportive, he just wants me to follow my dream with my sisters. What’s it like living in the house? Mylene: A dream come true! We’re living in a mansion – we’re like princesses! We feel like we’re living in Queen Elizabeth’s house! There’s a gym, security guards… What’s the best piece of advice Cheryl’s given you? A: Just to enjoy everything and give 200 per cent. She also said don’t focus on the negativity, the social media and stuff. Focus on the performance and always be grateful.

Do you think she struggles with the negativity herself? A: I’m not sure, maybe because she was in Girls Aloud for so long she knows how to deal with it. She knows the industry. Almira, is it true Cheryl bought you perfume for your birthday? She promised to but not yet! I said I liked hers and she asked if I wanted it! We just love Cheryl. In Filipino we call her “Ate” because she is like a big sister to us. How was it meeting Liam Payne? A: It was the most crazy and unforgettable moment. We couldn’t speak at all. He hugged and kissed all of us! We were just like, “Oh my God!” He said we were fantastic, which was amazing. Who was the most starstruck? All: Almira! A: I was shaking because 1D are such huge stars. Are you sad they’re on a break? A: Yes, because we have a dream to see them and perform with them one day.

Even if it’s just as backing singers or dancers! Do you see Little Mix as competition? M: Oh no, we are huge fans of the girls. We are Mixers! We idolise them, we can’t compete with them. They are beautiful and so massive. How is your dad feeling? I: He’s just resting. He’s always praying for us and is so proud. Will you go home and visit him? I: We miss home so much, especially Papa, our eldest sister and our younger brother. We talk about it but we need to sacrifice it PHOTOS: Syco/Thames/Corbis to have a better life in the future.

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