Yara Shahidi Walks Us Through A Photoshoot The Last Five

Thank you. Hello. That is easy. The Nod. Mogul, which is fascinating. What else? Oh! Still Processing. Code Switch, which is a classic. And Pod Save America, to just keep me updated. Let’s check right now. Might as well just like some.

Yara Shahidi Walks Us Through A Photoshoot The Last Five Photo Gallery

There are a lot of homies on my page. And then.. oh, always down for some sneakers. And then what else? Just aesthetically pleasing photos. I have unabashedly eaten brownies, brownies, brownies, brownies, brownies and cookie was going to be the sixth but somebody’s taken a bite of it. I think it was Santa. Oh, well LA is my home base. Then New York City of course. Paris and St Maarten. Sending love to St Maarten. And Seattle. I’m gonna get dizzy. That’s easy. They’re right here. The oil absorbing sheets, because basically when you get sweaty, instead of putting more makeup on, just pat down and you’re good.

This is in every single one of my bags, like they fall out of my pocket. It’s crazy how many of these I have. Then Glossier boy brow. It’s a classic, especially because when it’s just me chilling, I like to keep it light and I just do my brows. And put my toothbrush in my pocket and go. I’ve already brushed my teeth. Toothbrush for my eyebrows, just to clarify. Koh Gen Do foundation. I use it on carpets and on set and it’s perfect and it matches my shade of brown even when my shade of brown decides to change. And then I have two obsessions. Lip gloss. Lipstick. And so this is Lipmatic, which is actually my cousin’s line. And this is actually my favorite color ever. It’s called Queensbridge and it doesn’t matter how much you put on, it just gets prettier and prettier with time and nice and shiny. And then this is a beautiful warm orange-y color called Rouge Coco Stylo.

I’m gonna say it’s Stylo. But look at that. It’s just a fun little pop of color. Yeah. Well, that’s that. Thank you for following me around guys. Have a great day! Bye.

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