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Surely God means us to find out all we can of His works, and to work for His salvation and if it is right to search out His works in one comer of His Creation, it is right for some of us to go to the ends of the earth to search out others, (p. 206)

Noyce also relates stories of mountaineers and explorers who did not share Wilson’s devout convictions yet experienced the feeling of another presence. An example is Frank Smythe, who climbed alone to 28,100 feet on Mount Everest certain that he was accompanied by a “strong, helpful and friendly presence” (p. 209) with whom he shared his food. Thomas Hombein climbed Everest by the West Ridge and later wrote

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There was a hint of fear, not for our lives, but of a vast unknown which pressed upon us the suspicion that maybe there was something more, something beyond the three-dimensional form of the moment. If only it could be perceived. (Hombein, 1980)

I too have felt that presence.

And in training I have learned, as fellow ultramarathon runner Reverend Deric Derbyshire reminds us in his premarathon sermon, that in the fight with self the greatest battles of life are fought and won; I have learned of the Christian’s need to dispense with excesses and of the discipline, determination, and proper training required to enter into what the Christian calls the glory of the Lord.

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