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Contribution of Arthur Newton

“If any psychologist will take the trouble to trace out the history of each of our prominent pedestrians he will discover that a very large proportion of them have been subject to some form of madness. ”

Perhaps the greatest debt of all is owed to the late Arthur Newton, who, more than any other man, showed the way to success by daily and hard training, in season and out. 99

“Arthur Newton was at the same time a very strange and remarkable man, and perhaps no one has ever or will ever really understand himbut he may just have been, in his own way, the greatest runner ever seen.

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“He was a strange man because he remained aloof even from his closest associates, and yet, if one thing stands out above all others, it must be the honesty and trust of the man, the sheer goodnessit shows out in any photograph.99

“Arthur Newton was the finest gentleman I have ever met in athletics. Although one of the greatest distance runners of all time he was totally modest and portrayed everything that is good in human nature. He was a totally honest man, and he was so uncomplicated that he made everything he discussed on life appear so simple. A more honest man never donned a pair of running shoes.99

“Hitherto we have been taught to believe that present-day methods were all that could be desired, but the sooner we question this and discover something in advance, the better for all of us.99

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