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Gems and crystals have subtle healing qualities that can be utilized in Ayurvedic medicine.Their curious, well-known powers are taken seriously by the jyotish (Vedic astrologer), who can determine which gems or crystals you will need to use, depending on the circumstances of your life chart.

Topaz is a warm stone that traditionally dispels fear making it an ideal stone for vata because it calms high emotions and anxiety. Wear topaz whenever you want to feel confident and in control. Amethyst is an appropriate crystal to wear when you want to balance vata. It soon promotes a fine clarity of mind and thought, and will help you to radiate harmony.

There may be times when it is advisable to remove all crystals – when you find circumstances in your life are changing for the worse.This indicates that your birth chart or constitution does not require the healing qualities of a particular crystal, or that it is highlighting an area of your birth chart in a negative way. Seek expert advice on replacements.

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