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Kali bichromicum

Prepared from the herb St John’s Wort, Hypericum is primarily an injury remedy. Young girls bob haircuts It is particularly effective on any areas that have an abundant supply of sensitive nerves.They include the fingers, toes, lips, ears, eyes, and the coccyx at the base of the spine. Apply Hypericum instead of Arnica for bruising in such sensitive areas, although Arnica may work perfectly well if Hypericum is not available.

Pains are often felt suddenly shooting up the limbs, travelling along the tracks of the nerves.


Lachesis muta

Ignatia is prepared from the seeds of a tree, the St Ignatius bean, which grows in South-east Asia. It is well known as a major grief remedy, and it can strongly affect the emotions.

Sadness and grief following emotional loss. Sudden changeable moods: tears following laughter, or hysteria. Suppressed emotions, when the tears will not flow. Pronounced bouts of sighing following a period of emotional unhappiness, particularly anxiety, fear or grief.

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