YouTube Stars Cat & Nat Get Candid On Motherhood

School starts on Tuesday right. So, it’s like you’re kind of excited for them to go back maybe oh my gosh completely don’t even tiptoe around that maybe oh hey guys I’m Casey Madden, and join with me today, it’s Kat NAT from mom truth hey guys hi are we doing we’re great I’m. So excited me you guys I have to tell you I’ve never enjoyed prepping an interview more than this one. Because it just gave me an excuse to read every one of your hilarious posts ball things I was sitting at my desk cracking up you guys are absolutely hilarious, and the coolest moms out there, and cool. Yeah in one day.

Yeah both all right. So tell me first how did this get started how did you guys become best friends vloggers partners in crime high school friends okay that reunited back with motherhood. Because we were the first ones to have babies, and like what just happens yeah, and then we just started to share our story, and one went viral, and then another one, and then another one, and we have a Facebook live show Instagram YouTube we didn’t think that when we did our posts the mom shows that we were saying anything outrageous. But everyone was like. Yeah I can’t believe you said that, and I can’t believe you’re speaking my truth like my moms are like nobody ever says it you guys are saying it we were like. I don’t know we’re a filter went I guess we were born like this you put together we just can’t stop. So how do your families feel about this we ever asked it doesn’t matter having a good time now. Yeah let’s say you guys are always together oh great question our husbands are both named Mark, and we forced them to come really great friends though sounds like a reality show.

I have our children are best friends no choice okay. So, it’s working out well as far as we’re concerned Holly one big happy family. Yeah yeah it is I mean the kids aren’t always happy of coure having a good job. So you guys have combined over 1 million followers. So what’s the craziest fan question or interaction Nevada okay. So there was a rumor once that was going around in chat groups that we weren’t real moms like that we didn’t really have kids, and I was there to spank I was like we have insta stories with a lot of children with who where do we get them, and why would. I borrow someone else’s kids I was like don’t really understand that it was pretty, and all weird your art community was like just right like they were not happy for me was like you know no they have kids they talk about the crowds, and they’re learning it every day just like. Yeah you’re new t yo you keep that diaper on I don’t know what do you guys think is the biggest misconception about being a mom that, it’s that wealth misconception I would say if you you’re on Instagram is that houses can be clean, and beautiful, and moms can look gorgeous all the time, and the kids line up, and smile for photographs that is all a load of. Yeah Haley. Yeah yeah, it’s not like that, it’s a disaster, and it is hard beautiful disaster you sweat a lot yeah, and you’re rattling a lot. But at the end of the day you miss the little suckers when they go to bed you know you’re the love you miss family someone that’s hurt yes thank you. So much for chatting with us this is so much fun okay baby you know if you guys want to learn more about cat Ned head on over to okie magazine com you.

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