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Push for bigger, better and best… Strike while the iron is hot etc, and so forth… Every cliché begins with the bolshie assumption that you deserve much more than the status quo – and you do! The pendulum has swung firmly in your direction, offering a new approach to your career or a longed-for passion. Only you know how far you’re prepared to ride this wave of ‘luck’ – but enjoy it while you’re there.

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Build a new skill set as if your life depended on it – education and learning prospects are expansive and plentiful in this transit. True, you may have mastered what’s needed to get ahead, but the exhilaration of adding to your existing portfolio of fabulousness is not to be sneezed at. At least sign up for pottery – or sushimaking! There’s fun to be had when you carry more smarts in your mental back pocket.


Minor irritations can become major if you allow thorny issues to stick. Part of managing this month is knowing what to let go, and what to challenge. Negativity and criticism are key elements of failure, both in you and others. Be the bigger person in every interaction – you’ll drive away useless attitudes that way. Being immensely practical, you can turn around any less-thanpleasant situation with ease.


The choices are limited – skirt the rut half-heartedly, or make a brave dash for freedom. Happily, your good cheer and hunger for justice works in your favour; expect support from most quarters when you announce a new move, blaze a pioneering path or change your social circle neatly and without fuss. It could even be as simple as a new hair colour. Change is a given – it’s how you action it that counts.


New connections make the last gasps of 2017 memorable and set up an intriguing pattern for the next few months. If you’ve played your cards well (chances are you have), then anticipate pockets of pure joy and vital social networking. People are warming to you more than usual; you’re rocking on business and pleasure fronts owing to your steady hand and a willingness to learn from mistakes.


Showing up is your best bet for a gentle, generous month – and you’ll crack the relationship code while you’re at it. Being a forward-thinking sort, you might be working on avoiding foot-in-mouth situations – but really?! The world needs more say-it-likeit-is girls like you. Opinions must be stated – and soon. Be boldly beautiful, say yes to invitations and speak your truth. We love you for it.


With some emotional peaking in the mix you’d be forgiven for hiding behind closed doors, touting personal space as an excuse. But you have stuff to work on; people are looking to you for guidance. The best place to start is by clawing at your negative attitudes, separating fact from fiction and then taking action to clear the air. Even if you’re smooth-sailing socially, now’s a prime time to cement neglected bonds.


Whatever worries you isn’t written in stone. Consider that before acting on a whim or being propelled by anxious impulse. Circumstances are more flexible than you think – you do have options. Make time for contemplating the good things in life rather than trying to change a situation that might not be ready for its next step. Gratitude instantly lifts your mood (and magically manifests improvement).


Compassion being your middle name, it’s not surprising that this month’s mix of mayhem and melancholy brings you needy advice-seekers. Your giant heart stretches to accommodate, and you’re in pole position to solve dilemmas and address impasses. Lovely you – but take care to replenish lost energy after the process. Connecting barefoot with nature is a winner.


Consider the ant. Alone, it doesn’t amount to much, but in a colony it’s capable of bringing down walls. Worth thinking about when you’re battling an apparently insurmountable problem at work now, or if kids and partners are refusing to cooperate. Leonine pride won’t work; only a commitment to win-win for both sides yields results. Find the middle ground.


A focus on family colours most things now. But be sensitive to close friends’ needs too – and to anything that’s blocking intimacy and trust. You’ve worked hard in 2017 and might subconsciously have loosened ties without realising it. Duties and responsibilities don’t let up, but you owe it to your heart to foster friendship wherever you find it. It’s about love, in the end.


Game of Thrones star Kit Harington said recently that after falling asleep on set he’d woken up terrified, thinking that the grim GoT world was real. The shock of imagining your reality turned inside out might jolt you into action, surprise, or both now – but it’s all good. A few choice opportunities are stretching your limits. And those limits were the only imaginary bit, anyway.

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